I gained a PG Diploma in Clinical Supervision from Sussex University in 2007, and since then I’ve supervised many therapists, both trainees and fully qualified. I supervise psychodynamic oriented therapists and integrative therapists, both in training and post-qualification.

I’ve also supervised groups of trainee supervisors who’re on training courses.

Whilst the purpose of therapy is the improved wellbeing of the client, this can only really happen in containing conditions, ie with a therapist who’s able to respond and facilitate appropriately, and supervision plays a crucial role in this.

For some therapists, whether in training or beyond, supervision may have come to feel like something they’re obliged to attend, and where they have to present in a way that fits in with the supervisor’s approach. I don’t take that tack, but rather regard it as a relational process in which, with the predicate of the client being safe, creative approaches are allowed to emerge.

For supervision sessions I charge £45 for trainee therapists and £45 – £60 for qualified therapists depending on income and ability to pay

Our initial meeting/session, when we look at what needs addressing and how we might work together, costs £25

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